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When you know you need a stair lift but aren’t sure whether the staircase is too steep and narrow, then you will need to be considering stair lifts for small spaces.  There are a number of brands that have a model to suit this particular application.  A lot of terraced homes as well as older cottages and those with curved or spiral stairways tend to be on the more narrow side in terms of the width of the staircase from one side to the other. But rest assured in most cases we can help you.

Curved Stairlifts For Narrow Staircases

Minimum Width For A Stair Lift

The narrowest lift on the market currently is a model called the Flow 2 made by the German Thyssen company, (illustrated above) which will fit into a gap of 24 inches or 61cm.  This model is built for narrow width curved stairlifts and is the best choice because the turn of a stairs is usually the narrowest part of the route.  This lift travels on a single bespoke tube that closely follows either wall as per your request or as required to suit your staircase.  It is a premium lift and offers ten different seat choices for its upholstery. If your stairs are that wide then phone us today and we can get you a survey date for a free no obligation quotation. Call 0800 832 1066 to book.

Other options are sit/stand or standing stair lift, which are also known as a perching stairlift, and all of the major makers build a model to suit this need.  Similar to being perched on a pub bar stool the chair footprint is not very wide as it isn’t designed for the whole bottom of the rider to be on the seat of the equipment, but just a little way on, with the bulk of the bodyweight still resting on the legs which stand on the footplate of the stair lift.

Slim Stairlifts For Narrow Steep Stairs

When you have measured from one side of the stairwell to the opposite side, and you have some more clearance than is necessary for the lift mentioned previously, then you can consider one of the other models that are suitable.  Straight stairlifts from other manufacturers will be a lot more economical than the Thyssen lift, which is really aimed at the curved market, rather than steep straight stairs. There may be a narrower range of choice for the seat colour, but the lift itself will still be able to climb a steep set of stairs and you could have one installed within a few days on a straight run. Why not call us on 0800 832 1066 today to find out more about the options available on all the narrow width stair lifts available on the market today.

Prices for Compact Stairlifts

It’s pretty hard to judge a stair lift price without accurate measurements from one of our surveyors, however saying that, it is possible we can do it over the phone if you can accompany your own measurements with a few smartphone pictures of the stairs looking up, down and each landing at the top and at the bottom of the staircase.  With this information and an understanding of the requirements of the person intending to use the lift, and whether there will be a requirement for additions to the base price, we can give you a pretty good estimate of what your costs will be.  A drop nose rail, retracting or hinged track or a powered swivel seat can all add a little to the price of the stairlift, so when you want to be certain of the overall cost just contact us with a few details and we can begin to give you the free advice we are famous for.

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