Are You Ready to Buy A Stairlift From Silver Stairlifts?

If you have started to feel unsafe on the stairs, or you are now finding that climbing up them is getting more strenuous or more painful, then it’s only right that you have begun investigating stairlifts and thinking about having one installed at home.

This is also the same if you are the concerned relative or a child of an elderly person.  Taking back the rightful place in the whole home, rather than being stuck downstairs, can feel liberating again. And also any heavier tasks, like moving bedding or blankets up and down stairs, can be made much easier with a handy lift to transport any difficult load.

So now you need to find the right supplier for your lift and it’s good that you have found us here. We at Silver Stairlifts can explain the process in a simple way, so that you are armed with the right information when you go ahead and buy a stairlift.

Stairlifts UK from Silver Stairlifts

But for now you can be reassured that a lift for the stairs will be a surprisingly affordable one, which can often be a first major concern for family and also for the user of the lift.  Usually but not always of pensionable age, the purchase of such items needs careful consideration to ensure it’s affordable.

Secondly, any ongoing running costs are also nearly insignificant, so that is another worry off the mind.  It’s also very easy to operate too – a simple toggle switch and away you go.

Thirdly we can confirm that no mess or noisy building works will take place.  The installer of your stair lift will closely follow the blueprint for installation, taking note of the exact measurements of your staircase.  A series of bolts will be fixed into the wooden steps on the stairs, in order for the lift’s track to be secured. This is likely to be the only disturbance you would hear, so is in fact a quite straght forward procedure that can be complete and ready for use in around an hour. Afterwards everything is vaccumed so that any dust particles are removed. You are then all set and after a short demonstration your new “vehicle” will be ready and waiting, wherever and whenever you need it.

If you have further questions you can call us on 0800 832 1066 and ask us anytime of day or night and we will be able to help you.

Stairlift Types

Straight Stairlifts UK

Straight Stairway Lift

Once the surveyor has seen the stairs and made sure that they suit the installing of a straight chair lift, a plan drawing of the staircase is made.  The rail of the stair lift will then be engineered to fit the blueprint.

If the installation is to be an urgent one, for instance if someone is coming out of hospital, and it is a necessity for a straight lift to be ready, then we try to get you sorted out in 24 hours.

If speed isn’t of the essence, and you are just thinking ahead, then we usually arrange to put them in within the space of a week from enquiry, but it’s always your choice.  We will meet your requirements and will install only when you are ready, and it is safest to do so.

Curved Stairlifts UK

Curved Stairway LiftIf your home has a turn or curves on the stairs, is a spiral staircase or has dog leg or 90/180 degree bends then it will require a curved track stair lift.  A plan is completed, much the same as with the straight staircase, but more dimensions are taken of the staircase with accurate measures of each step.

The surveyor will map out the track exactly to the unique turns and rise and fall of your stairway.  In this way the stairlift will “hug” the curves of your stairs perfectly, which ensures that the ride is smooth and comfortable.  Because of the bespoke nature of a curved lift, it will be more costly – perhaps as much as double a straight stairlift, as an estimate.

To ensure you get an accurate price, you will need correct measurements. Why not book a free surveyor visit while the idea is fresh in your mind? With no obligation you can get a quote to consider and then get a firmer idea of what the costs might be.

Please fill out our request form to begin an enquiry.

Stairlifts for Narrow Stairs

When a stairwell is narrow, a standard stairlift won’t be able to fit into the gap.  It is then that you will need to choose a narrow stairs lift, which has a smaller footplate to enable it to cope with travelling through narrower gaps between the walls of the stairs.

In order to safely ride on the stairs, a minimum clearance is set, so that the stairlift rider will be able to traverse them without knocking their knees or toes on the wall.

There are narrower lifts that still allow the rider to remain seated while travelling on a stairwell with the right clearance.  In other cases a perch stairlift is a better choice, and is a lift design that enables the rider to “perch” on the seat as if on a high stool, so that they remain half standing up.  The perch stairlifts are also suitable for those who find bending at the knee, hip or ankle particularly difficult.

How much is a stairlift?

Having a stair lift installed at home on a straight run of stairs can cost between £1295 and £1895 depending on the make and model. This can vary as there are extra cost features that might need to be added, because of the riders physical requirements, or because of the layout of the landing at the bottom of the stairs. 

Optional extras

Items such as a powered swivel seat or a retracting or hinged track can add £250 to £350 to the price, but as every lift will be engineered to fit the unique needs of the situation it is better to use these figures as a ballpark estimate. When ordering through us it can be possible to get extra cost features included in your installation without costs!  To find out how this works just give us a call or fill out our contact page with your details and when we get in contact we can explain further.  

After working in the industry for so long we have some very interesting information that not many people know about.  All prices quoted include survey (if required), full installation and a 24 hour/ 365 days warranty at a minimum. You won’t have to pay any hidden charges to have your stairs surveyed – it is all free and without obligation – so make it safe again with a stairlift from Silver Stairlifts.  Contact us today on 0800 832 1066.

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