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Curved Stairs Lift
If your stairs have a bend or curve, or go round a corner then the curved rail stairlift will be the right one for you. It does depend on the personal ability of the person who is going to use the chairlift, as occasionally if they are still quite mobile and can manage one or two steps, then a bridging platform will be the right choice at a lower cost. That arrangement which uses a straight rail lift is only suitable for dog leg staircases where you have a straight run then usually a 90 degree turn left or right near to the top with a small landing before it.

For cases with multiple stairways then two straight lifts could be used, but this is only safe for those that have the physical ability to make their way round the turns themselves before they go up to the next floor. Usually a curved rail is built that hugs the bends all the way round the stairwell, over however many stairs you have. Often the curved spiral stairs require specific stairlifts for narrow stairs.

Stairlifts are used to help people get up and down the stairs from one floor to another without straining themselves. It is also useful for people who can walk but have trouble going and down the stairs because of an illness or a health problem. Often the user of a mobility scooter has started to struggle with mobility outside the home so has bought the device to maintain their independence. Next they may struggle with getting around inside the home, and that is when a stair lift is a good choice to consider to help them with climbing stairs.

The curved lift is a little more expensive than the straight stairlifts and are used indoors, either inside private homes or in commercial buildings. Because of the bespoke measurements required on a curved stairway, the rails are manufactured to a specific plan that make it uniquely designed for only one staircase.

Reconditioned Curved Stairlifts

When the surveyor visits you to measure your stairs, he will be able to work out the best design of lift to go on your staircase.  It can be possible to source a second hand curved lift but as each rail still has to be designed and manufactured from scratch, the motor and chair may be reconditioned, and so reduce the cost, compared to buying a new one.

Curved Stairlifts Prices

Thinking through the reasons why you might be getting a stairlift, it can seem like there is a mine field of options.  The basics of a curved installation are that from approximately £2800 you could get a fully reconditioned model installed with a few days notice, and in around 3 hours – a morning or afternoon.  The rail is fastened to the stairs by the engineer, not to your wall or bannister like some people think, and then the carriage and seat are attached.  Making sure that it works correctly and glides up and down smoothly is the first test.  Then when the engineer is satisfied that it is running effectively, and fully cleaned any wood dust particles or wiring clippings away, he will then show you how easily it all works.  If you want to know the costs of a stairlift for your curved stairs, why not take the first step and contact us today on 0800 832 1066 for a free no obligation quotation.


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