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Stair lifts can come in different types and sizes, depending on what your stair layout is like. One of the most common are straight rail stairlifts. These are the best selling type used in private homes throughout the UK. They can be assembled to suit any length of stairway, whether long or short, depending on how long the stair and the railing are. The most often installation is the 13 step straight stairlift type.

Straight Stair LiftCompared to the curved stairlifts, this kind of stairlift has its limitations. Since it is straight, it works only for the straight stairwells, not with curved ones. But even though it has limitations it is still useful. If your home is getting too difficult to manage, for instance if you are elderly or disabled, then these modern devices can help you to help make your life easier.

As well as within the home, stairlifts are also common in nursing and residential homes for the elderly. Geriatric residents may have brittle bones or weak knees that make walking up and down the stairs stressful or simply too difficult for them. Also some premises like hotels and shops need to comply with disability access legislation and so they arrange for a stairlift to be fitted so that all visitors can be catered to.

Straight Stairlifts Prices

There are quite a few options available for you, if you have a set of straight stairs at home. Different brand choices offer slightly different designs and so you might like one type more than another.  An approximate cost of a straight stairlift is from around £1295 to £1895 depending on type, design and stair layout.  Regarding the design of the stairs in terms of the top and bottom you might require a different track design in order for there to be clearance in the hallway, near the front door and at the top on the landing.  Some people might need the extra cost option of a powered swivel that helps the chair turn at the top on the landing for an easy exit. And the track design options previously mentioned can also be powered to keep the front door entrance area clear, which is also a modest additional cost.

Minivator Straight Stairlifts

The best selling straight minivator straight stair lift is the 950 which is rated up to 22 stone and has a permanently charging battery system so you are never stuck, a seat belt for safety and a manual lift seat and footplate. A great example of a British made lift it has a choice of leatherette uphostery colours to suit your decor and is a good choice for stairlifts for narrow stairs.

Acorn Straight Stairlifts

The best selling Acorn or Brooks stairlift is the 130 stair lift which is rated up to 20 stone, and is the next generation model on from the very popular (and still available on the reconditioned market) Superglide 120 stairlift.  Neat and compact, it is approved by the Arthritis Foundation for its ease of use and economical running costs.

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