Silver Stairlifts promises to offer all of its enquirers a great deal on their stairlift purchase. Our small family business has been in the stairlift marketplace for over a decade and in that time has developed the trade relationships and knowledge about all brands of stairlifts, that the everyday consumer on the high street unfortunately isn’t aware of.

We won’t fob you off with last minute discounts or other tall tales, but will make sure that you know what stairlift you will be getting, and what will be included, together with full training on how it all works and a 24 hour 365 days a year backup guarantee to give you much needed peace of mind, and more importantly assured safety on your stairs.

You can have a choice of stairlift models to choose from, depending on the layout of your staircase. All of the main manufacturers in the UK build their lifts here in Britain, and we tend to favour these big brands, as then you will know you are getting a high quality engineered product, not an imported brand with question marks over spare parts or being left not knowing what to do if it goes wrong. With us you will know exactly what it is, when it will be fitted and everything else that is included, all in the one price. And we can also fit them fast!

Talking of price you will be pleasantly surprised when you contact us either by phone on 0800 832 1066 or by using our contact page. You can email questions at any time to and we will answer you personally.

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